Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Juncker really is an ill-informed little man

Euroland's most senior unelected official Herr Juncker shared his uninformed opinion with the people of Europe again yesterday. Speaking at Alpbach Media Academy Mr Juncker said: “Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians.” 

Oh dear oh dear. Wrong on so many levels. Borders pre-date the kind of democracy that produces politicians by many centuries, nay millennia; Egypt, Nubia, Babylonia all had well established borders five thousand years before little Jean-Claude was a twinkle in his father's eye. Egypt's border stellae still stand, and Hittites and Assyrians were guarding their well-established borders a thousand years before the vote was invented, let alone the first political lie was told. 

Second, the notion that politicians have ever actually invented anything can only come from a Federast bureaucrat who knows little about democracy and less about politics. All politics is reactive.  

I suppose Euroland is lumbered with this clown for a while longer, affording us even greater prospects of inanity.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

They're all killing kids in Aleppo

Aleppo is the critical pivot of the Syrian civil war. Assad, backed by Russia and Iran, simply cannot abandon the city to the US / UK / Saudi / Turkish supported rebels without losing the war. The US and its allies know that if they lose Aleppo, the rebellion will be to all purposes finished from that point, though the killing and destruction and bloodshed will no doubt continue for some time. So each side is pouring in hardware, munitions, air power, special forces and everything they've got into taking a city still inhabited by over a million people. 

And of course civilians - men, women and children - are caught up in the conflict and are killed on both sides, every day. A new and rather revolting twist to the agitprop war being fought in Europe's media is the publication by both sides of the child casualties of Western weapons. A small boy blasted to pieces by a Russian-made rocket; a small girl eviscerated by a British-made mortar round. All that's lacking is the juxtapositioning next the horrid corpses of the fat cat arms dealers, politicians and primitive Saudis grown sleek as butter from the war's profits. 

Neither side holds the moral high ground. Neither side in battle ever does. Both sides have abandoned the peace table to see who can win Aleppo first; for after the slaughter, the side eventually planting its flag on the high pile of Aleppo's corpses will have the negotiating advantage. 

But please, for as long as our purblind politicians back the killers of one side over the killers of the other, let's please refrain from moral pontificating. We're all just as guilty of those child deaths as eachother. 

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Turkish sex pervs want full EU access by 2023

The furore caused by Margot Wallstrom's unease at Turkey's action in practically decriminalising sex with girls under 15 indicates that Mad Erdogan's regime in Ankhara is a bit rattled. He knows that after the events of last year, there will be pushback from many European nations to the notion that very young European girls can be seen as legitimate prey by hairy handed Turkish sex pervs. The sex pervs, without doubt, want enhanced access to Europe's teen girls - and will support Erdogan's demands for full EU membership by 2023. 

There is a huge difference between Turks naturalised or who are second, third and fourth generation citizens throughout Europe, who have assimilated fully and have abandoned the primitive Islamist fetishes of their homeland, and the native rural Turks who have never travelled - poor, ignorant, credulous and mired in primitive belief, child marriage, Islamist hate and who gather in groups at beaches to stare at tourists in bikinis. These are Erdogan's supporters, and the group behind Turkey's law change that means that sex with girls under 15 is no longer automatically a crime in Turkey. Erdogan is buying votes from 60 year old men with the hymens of 13 year old girls.  

Margot Wallsrom is right to fear paedo perv sex being normalised amongst migrants - the most common excuse that migrant rapists use is that their sexual needs were paramount over the wishes of inferior women, or that our European age barriers are not recognised in their cultures. 

Thank God the UK will have a decent barrier to these primitives - our British Turks of Cypriot origin are a boon and a benison to the nation, contributing fully to sport, the arts and culture, culinary services and are valuable members of many communities. They are a million miles removed from the illiterate hairy-handed goat herders of Anatolia that Erdogan is blackmailing the EU to take. We have nothing against Turks - just against primitive Islamists.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Is this Honest Headlines day?

What's up with the papers today? There's a strange and unusual strain of veracity intruding on the headlines and straplines of the nation's finest. 'Brexit only had minor effect - world economy back to normal' states one; 'Black people commit more crimes' another, but my favourite must be the Indie with 'Giant Ice sheet not melting'. 

The latter is of course hugely disappointing to me. The Indie prints a map of how East Anglia could look if the giant ice sheet did melt; it's exactly the same as the historic Anglian coastline in the 7th century. 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Polish Death Camps

I should stress I'm referring to the six Nazi extermination factories all sited in occupied Poland and not to death camps operated by the Poles. The six extermination factories were very different to the multitude of Nazi concentration and slave labour camps sited across the Third Reich and its conquests, a distinction of which many younger journalists are simply ignorant. 

So the fact the Polish government is outlawing the phrase 'Polish Death Camps' is understandable, if not excusable. Not only journalists but many younger people display an unbelievable stupidity about Nazi atrocities, and most are perfectly capable of believing the untruth that the phrase refers to death camps operated by the Poles. 

And the Poles have the capacity to apply the rigours of the law. Remember, this is the nation that has 4,000 - yes, four thousand - people imprisoned for cycling whilst under the influence of drink.

My question is this. Should a cerebrally challenged British journalist use the unlawful phrase, can the Polish government issue (at least for the next two years or so) a European arrest warrant requiring their extradition? If so, with luck and endeavour Polish jails may soon be filled with crap British journalists; will this leave spaces in which enterprising freelances with a modicum of historical knowledge can flourish?

Finally! Islamist Choudhary banged up ... for now

It's taken long enough for the fount of Islamist hate-crime in Britain, Anjem Choudary, to be convicted for the first time, and no doubt he will cost us all even more in legal aid as he exhausts the appeal process, using the law he so despises to seek further freedom to hate. Even if he gets the full ten years, he'll be out in half that - free to lead the Islamist hate campaign against non-Muslims. 

Choudhary has been the figurehead for a whole generation of seditious Islamists. The BBC, of course, gladly welcomed him onto Radio 4's 'Today' to spread his toxic warfare, his putrid offensive theocratic rubbish. He's had air time and newspaper column inches across the media, and no doubt even now some whining ninny in the Guardian will now complain that the Muslim community is impoverished by the absence of Choudhary's poisonous hatreds.

Let this be a clear message to all Muslims in Britain. A message that there there is no room for Sharia law, no room for the Caliphate, no room for Islamist violence in Britain; that British law is triumphant, British values paramount and that British justice will prevail.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Could faeces be Britain's biggest urban threat?

A story from New Zealand demonstrates the economic damage that a little faeces in the water supply can do. It highlights two risk factors - our lowered immunity to faecal bacteria, coliforms and pathogens and the extent to which we depend on sources of food and water that can be readily contaminated. There is a third risk - everyone can produce toxic faeces, in large and repetitive quantities. It is the weapon of the weaponless, and the poorer and more ill-conditioned the donor, the greater the toxicity. Anyone who works in a supermarket, in food distribution, manufacturing or packaging, in a restaurant or fast food outlet is in an ideal and undetectable position to distribute faecal contamination effectively - far more effectively than evacuating ones bowels into a reservoir, anyhow.   

In my old part of South London two health conditions were permanent and endemic - head lice and norovirus. I avoided both by adopting the same precautions I used in North Africa. However, zero-hours contracts and the use of casual or illegal workers, none of whom get sick pay, is a bad idea when workers infected with norovirus will continue at work and spread the uncomfortable infection. If you've ever been stuck on a tube with someone suddenly afflicted with projectile vomiting or explosive bowel discharge, it's really no joke.

Most infections are accidental rather than deliberate. The prevalence of minute particles of faeces over bus, train and tube grab handles and straps will make you want to wear gloves in Summer. However, there have also been persistent stories about deliberate contamination of food and ring-pull drinks in supermarket stockrooms. So far, as far as I'm aware, there have been no prosecutions, which may indicate that such tales are apocryphal. Or that police are unmotivated to investigate. 

Economic terrorism doesn't need an AK47 - just a handful of toxic poo. There's not much anyone at risk can do except take basic precautions and imagine you're in Tangiers.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Progress is glacial in tackling electoral wrongs

Some years ago I reported on the available evidence that demonstrated that UK electoral standards had slumped to a place below that of many third world nations, and of standards so low as to be unknown in any other advanced Western democracy. Michael Pinto Duschinsky had the figures; 3m on the electoral roll who should not be, and 3m missing from the roll who should be there, electoral quotients of third world standards, way beyond an OSCE basis of +/-5% and ridiculously far away from the +/-3% that advanced democracies such as New Zealand enforce, and voting fraud and personation off the scale as a direct consequence of Blair's seedy and crooked intervention to 'game' the system.

Slowly and very carefully the Tory governments from 2010 on took notice, but without the support of Labour, who continued to put party interests before the probity of our national electoral system. The roll-out of individual voter registration has rid the cities of multiple registrations, and the change of constituency boundaries due in 2017 will bring us somewhere close to +/-5%.

However, as Eric Pickles reports, electoral fraud and personation, particularly amongst Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities, is as bad as ever. This is not unrelated to Islamism, and to the low standards of truth, probity and decent behaviour inherent in Moslem religious belief that many believe permits lying and deceit under certain circumstances, including UK elections. 

Pickles suggests indelible finger-dye at polling stations; I think this goes too far. We are not yet Dhaka or Karachi. Such measures are fine for foreign natives, but an insult to an English native. No. Other measures for the 2020 elections, including proactive policing, mandatory prison time for voting fraud, ID checks at polling stations and a police presence to prevent tribal or Islamist intimidation should make the point; all voters respect our electoral system or do jail time.